Resources for providers

If you provide safe, high-quality infant male circumcision services, how do you ensure that parents can discover this and contact you?

If you would like to be listed by us as an approved provider, you can undertake the Greater Manchester Infant Male Circumcision Quality Assurance Process.

This is a voluntary review for professionals who perform circumcisions on boys under the age of 1 year old, within community settings.

If you meet the required standards, we can list you as a quality-assured provider of non-therapeutic circumcision.

Next steps:

1) Read our standards to ensure that you are compliant (see below)
2) Complete and submit our application forms (see below)

Any questions? Please ask us.

QA Standards 2024

Guidance and support

You can obtain further guidance and support from several organisations:

British Medical Association Guidance (2019)
World Health Organisation Manual
Care Quality Commission Guidance