GM Cancer Academy is piloting a new approach to Communication Skills training! We know that good care starts with effective communication, and we are committed to making sure communication skills training is more accessible than ever before.

Working closely with Recourse:AI, the workforce and education team are leveraging technology to make cancer education more accessible, interactive and meaningful than ever before. We are looking to transform the way people access communication skills training by creating AI-driven experiential education. Our workforce will be able to immerse themselves in interactive scenarios involving patients and carers, practicing skills in delivering difficult news, conflict management, and de-escalation within a secure and controlled environment.

We acknowledge this is very different to conventional methods utilised to deliver communication skills currently, but we are determined to push boundaries and explore new ways of working.

We would like to extend the opportunity to colleagues in other care settings to test the approach and transferability of the model –  there are limited places available and these are offered on a first come first served basis.  Access to e-Learning and simulations will be unlimited until August with regular intervals of feedback. Please note: 1-2 hours of e-Learning is required to be completed prior to access the simulations.

Whilst the scenarios featured on the training relate to cancer specifically, the skills staff will be practicing will be transferable beyond cancer. We recommend that this training be accessed by Nurses, Nursing Associates, Senior Support Workers or other staff who are involved in having ongoing conversations regarding diagnoses and treatment of health conditions with those they are supporting or staff who would like support to deal with difficult conversations or breaking bad news in a care setting.

If you are interested in this training, please email to secure your place.