Final year of funding now LIVE for providers to Digitise their Social Care records

We are delighted to announce that a final year of funding has been secured to support adult social care providers in Greater Manchester (GM) purchase a digital social care records system (DSCR). To be eligible for a grant care providers must be operating a CQC registered care setting in GM, be using paper records for service users and commit to keeping the system for three years.


What is a Digital Social Care Record?

Digital social care records are electronic systems which enable providers to:

  • Capture and record care planning and needs assessments
  • Capture real-time, auditable, records, notes and observations that can be accessed at the point of care
  • Support task planning, allocation, management and completion
  • Access the data contained within the system
  • Produce reports for individuals, sites and services


Why would we adopt one?

DSCRs enable improvements in the safety and quality of care and improve communication between adult social care and health settings. On average, care providers who have already implemented a DSCR system, have reported 19% savings in staff time and a 23% reduction in paper and storage costs.


What is the offer?

We can provide:

  • A grant payment to cover license costs for Year 1 and implementation costs for a DSCR from the NHS England Assured Supplier List
  • Hands-on support to implement the DSCR into your organisation and opportunity to connect with other organisations who are also implementing a DSCR, to help you through the change period.


How do we apply?

Click this link  DSCR Expression of Interest for Year 3 Funding (

If you have any questions before applying, please contact