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We have an exciting agenda to give you an insight into the Guide and Clinical Learning Environments and Careers in Adult Social Care led by a panel of local social care employers, higher education institutions, learners/students, professionals who work in the sector and the experiences of people who draw on care and support, followed by a Question-and-Answer session with the panel. We will also launch the e-Guide and a range of resources which will enable you to raise awareness of the Guide within your networks.

This Guide and Launch event are for you whether you are:

  • A learner; thinking about a career in adult social care or health care.
  • An adult social care employer considering how learners might benefit you, your organisation and staff, and those who draw on your services.
  • A higher education institution wanting to know more about the amazing range of opportunities for high quality learning that your learners can benefit from in adult social care settings.
  • A professional wanting a better understanding of adult social care

This Guide and Launch event have been developed to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the adult social care workforce who are working in partnership with health care colleagues to provide person centred care and support for our Greater Manchester residents.
  • Inspire and support learner placements and clinical learning environments (CLEs) in adult social care settings for pre-registration trainee nurse associates (TNAs), nurses and allied health professionals (AHPs).

This Guide which has been developed by the Greater Manchester Social Care Learning Environment Group. This collaboration has involved local people who use social care and health care services, social care providers, higher education institutions, learners who have inspired the people who access care and the social care workforce, through the care they provide while learning in our system.

We know that as we work towards a truly integrated system approach to delivering the best possible services for people who draw on care and health and support in Greater Manchester, there is work to be done to raise the profile and value of adult social care as an integral part of that system, which includes the 64,000 paid, and the 280,000 unwaged carers who work within that sector.

This is why, when developing the Guide, everyone involved agreed that to change hearts and minds it is crucial to showcase the REAL social care sector, its values, dedication, professionalism and impact, which is best illustrated by a range of honest and open personal stories.

We hope this Guide inspires and motivates you to find out more, and to join us in celebrating, sharing and spreading the benefits of clinical learning in adult social care for our social care and health care workforce, and for our Greater Manchester residents.