These resources have been carefully selected to offer a broad range of provision for you and your colleagues, from data protection to recruitment and employment and from lifestyle to bereavement support. If there are resources you use and find invaluable, then please let us know so we can share more widely with the whole network.


Online adult social care recruitment programme to recruit talented and compassionate Care Workers in Greater Manchester.

@GMStepIntoCare (Facebook & Instagram)

Greater Manchester Step Into Care – YouTube

For more information please see the Step into Care Employer Pack July 23



We know things may be difficult at the moment. If you find yourself feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed there’s support out there for you. Find mental health support where you live at Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership Hub.

Here is some information about free online wellbeing programmes: Mental health support in Greater Manchester

You can find further information about the Digital Mental Health Offer
within Greater Manchester: Integrating health and care in Greater Manchester.

You can also access Mental Health, Improving mental health services and review all of the resources listed here Resources – Mental Health


The purpose of this plan is to work in co-production with partners across Greater Manchester to deliver meaningful reform and quality improvement.

To read the plan, please click here: Dementia and Brain Health Delivery Plan 2023 to 2025


This list of resources was created after the applications for the Creative Health Project were submitted. Whilst only a few homes were able to be awarded some funding, many more could still include creative health activities by using these resources – most of which are free to access. I did share this list with all the providers in January, as the resources are not just limited to residents in care homes, but we’ve grown so much since then, that it is well worth sharing again.

I hope that you can all find something interesting and creative to add into the care you already provide to enrich the lives of our service users.

Support for creative activity in Adult Social Care


Please find the link to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority website where you will be able to find all the slides and recordings from the GM Falls Prevention Awareness Week.

If you weren’t able to attend any of the lunchtime webinars, now’s your chance to catch up!