The Employment Advisor team at Stockport Job Centre wants to advertise their new system where any job vacancies can be advertised directly to their customers through their Work Coaches and discussed with them during their appointments. If you would like have any current or upcoming vacancies you would like to advertise through their new initiative, could you please fill in the attached “Add a job template” document in its entirety and send it back to Bryn Thomas and they will advertise these directly to their Work Coach teams.

Add a job template

If there are any job vacancies that you have advertised through them and would like support with setting up an interview please email back with the date, time and any interview requirements. They will then be able to support you by letting you utilise a section of their Employment Suite at the allotted time and provide any extra help.

If you have any further questions related to the document could you please email as he would love to answer queries you may have.