Dear colleagues

We have some fully funded one-day face to face training available for those who have a role or would like/need to have a role in workforce planning in a range of social care contexts.

The training has previously been delivered across GM predominantly to NHS and LA colleagues. For this series we are focusing on social care and have the opportunity to undertake a degree of tailoring of the training to the social care sector.  The training is planned for one day face to face in Central Manchester (Piccadilly Place) but we can look at the delivery model that works best for social care.

A brief overview of the training;

  • The GM Workforce Planning Model includes all the necessary steps you may need to take when workforce planning and the accompanying Toolkit deep dives into each of the sections in the model.
  • Workforce planning is an art form, not a science and this model is not designed to always be undertaken through a prescriptive or linear process. For examples, in times of crisis there may be a need to jump straight to the ‘make it happen’ stage to fast track implementation of an urgent plan.
  • The model shows you the ‘best practice standard’ for workforce planning in order to create meaningful change and transformation that is embedded and sustainable for the future workforce.


The training will be useful for a range of roles including Commissioners, Registered Managers, HR, Workforce leads, and anyone who plays/could play a role in workforce planning (supply, design, demand, implementation).

“This training opportunity is designed to significantly contribute to the parallel development of our upcoming GM workforce predictive planning model for Adult Social Care, as well as helping to understand existing workforce planning models within Primary and Secondary Care that are currently utilised. By participating, you will acquire essential skills to navigate, comprehend, and manipulate the data integrated into our workforce modelling tool. This, in turn, will greatly enhance your capacity to contribute meaningfully to the creation of equitable workforce planning strategies on a local level.

The resulting predictive planning model will empower care providers, commissioners, local authority and ICB colleagues to gain deeper insights into the future requirements of their respective workforce needs for the next decade and beyond.

Your attendance at these upcoming training sessions will not only broaden your skill set but also play a crucial role in advancing our collective efforts toward more informed and effective workforce planning.”

Please email our admin officer as soon as possible if you are interested in finding out more about the training, to book a place or would like to offer to work with us to tailor the training for the social care sector/your needs.

Current provisional Dates:

  • Monday 15th April 2024
  • Thursday 9th May 2024
  • Friday 10th May 2024

If we are oversubscribed, we may need to limit the places per organisation. We will ask if you can’t attend the training after booking you let us know asap and an appropriate substitute to attend in your place.