What we’ve done so far

  • Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network (GMLPN) one of the largest provider networks in the country, with over 100 members including around 80 independent training providers and all colleges across Greater Manchester.
  • GMLPN have carried out research to identify the level of capacity across independent training providers and the employers they work with.
  • The research has shown that support is needed such as training and resources.
  • 14 mental health champions have been appointed in independent training providers (Mantra Learning, NowSkills, Groundwork, System Group, Manchester Metropolitan University, ITEC, Damar Training, DH Associates, Apprentify, Transport Training Academy and Oldham Training Centre)
  • Three focus groups have taken place, the first had 20 attendees, the second 32 attendees and the third had 50 attendees. The focus groups have involved discussion, training, sharing of good practice and information gathering.

Next Steps

  • GMLPN will continue distributing mental health resources such as upcoming webinars through their own communication channels.
  • GMLPN will host a mental health and change webinar with TalkOut for their network which will train attendees on how to deal with their own anxiety and how to support others to do the same.
  • A training plan will be set up to identify and in some cases deliver relevant mental health and wellbeing training independent training providers which will build on training to date.
  • OneFile have made a contribution towards this training.
  • GMLPN members are being encouraged to sign up to the mental health charter which has been developed. So far ten organisations have signed up to the charter.
  • A toolkit will be developed to support independent training providers when working with their employer clients, to include policies, procedures, available training etc.
  • GMLPN are collecting case studies of good practice from across the network that will be included in the toolkit.

Our approach

  • The project was keen to engage with young people across Greater Manchester and to include those who were embarking onto an apprenticeship. By working with GMLPN it has allowed us to extend the work of the project to young apprentices.
  • GMLPN has access to around 80 ITPs, including larger ones that typically deliver across several sectors, and niche providers delivering training in specific sectors such as dental care, engineering and hairdressing.
  • GMLPN are keen to establish a virtual triangle of support between independent training providers, the employers that they work with and the Apprentices that they train.