Bury Parent Infant Mental Health service 

Bury’s Parent Infant Mental Health service is currently being developed.  We will update and expand on the following information once the service has launched.

Becoming a parent is life changing, but despite the commonly held view that it is a positive and rewarding experience, it is not always like this for everyone.  Becoming a parent can at times leave you feeling sad, angry, worried or indifferent, and it is important for you and your baby that you talk about these very normal feelings with those around you.

We will work with families of young children from conception through to their 2nd birthday.  We will work alongside your midwife, your baby’s Health Visitor and any specialist mental health professionals you may be working with to support you to strengthen your relationship with your child because we know that helping you and your baby relax and enjoy each other now can help you and most importantly your baby develop good mental health as they grow.

If you want to talk to someone about infant mental health, please speak to your midwife or Health Visitor. For more information about the service please contact:

Helen Stevens (Parent /Infant Mental Health Team Lead), Bury Health Young Minds, Fairfield Hospital, Rochdale old Rd, BL9 7TD

Tel: 0161 716 1100

Email: Pcn-tr.burycamhscypiapt