Carrying out an in-depth analysis of colleges’ position on mental health and wellbeing for both staff and students.

The Charlie Waller Trust are leading on this strand and there are 11 colleges involved.

What we’re doing

This work will continue into 2021 as there was a pause in this work due to COVID-19.

  • We will continue to complete individual reviews of each college to identify their needs and requirements.
  • All colleges have now been contacted by their Charlie Waller Trust trainers and are working towards the list of identified tasks to support the development of the mental health agenda within their college, and the development of any relevant strategies/policies.  The trainer will also deliver internal training as identified and help with the development of mental health policies and procedures.
  • The Charlie Waller Trust offered 28 different CPD sessions via Zoom during 2020 covering a range of mental health topics. There were almost 200 attendees from Greater Manchester colleges

Our approach

  • In partnership with Charlie Waller Trust, the project has been able to support 11 colleges to better prepare for the development of a mental health and wellbeing strategy. This will ensure that there is senior management and Governor sign up to this journey and to enable all subsequent policies and practices to reflect the basic principles of a safe and secure learning environment for all their learners.
  • The learning from this activity will be shared with all Greater Manchester colleges through evaluation and events.