Designated senior lead training

As part of their Green Paper for Transforming children and young people’s mental health the government pledged to support all schools to identify and train a designated mental health lead. They will be trained members of staff who are responsible for the school’s approach to mental health.

What’s next

Specialist training, funded by the Department of Education,  has been delayed due to COVID-19 and is now expected in the new year. It’s expected that this training will reach all schools and colleges by July 2024. This training will equip senior mental health leads with the knowledge and skills they need to:

  • Implement effective processes to make sure that pupils and students with mental health problems receive appropriate support
  • Promote positive mental health within the school or college so it becomes a key part of how schools and colleges operate

 What the leads will do

  • Implement a whole-school approach towards mental health and wellbeing for pupils and staff
  • Support the identification of pupils at risk of, or showing signs of, mental ill health
  • Link school services with local mental health services so pupils can be referred to NHS services where appropriate
  • Oversee the delivery of mental health and wellbeing interventions where these are being delivered in school
  • Support staff who are in contact with pupils with mental health needs to help raise awareness and give them the confidence they need
  • Oversee the outcomes of interventions for pupils’ education and wellbeing
  • Make sure that mental health and wellbeing is reflected in the design of behaviour policies, curriculum and pastoral support
  • Support the engagement of pupils and parents

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Senior mental health lead training FAQs for schools and colleges