Greater Manchester Mentally Healthy Schools and Colleges rapid pilot

This pilot was a collaboration between local and national voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations:

  • 42nd Street: referrals and specialist drop ins, including one to one support into secondary schools and colleges
  • Place to Be: dedicated whole school support and one to one support into primary schools
  • Youth Sport Trust: emotional & physical health interventions
  • Alliance for Learning: mental health first aid training

The pilot worked with 125 schools and colleges across Greater Manchester (representing 10% of the Greater Manchester footprint) over the last two years.

During COVID-19 the two elements of the support provided by Youth Sport Trust and Alliance for Learning had to be paused. These two organisations have now resumed their communication with the schools and colleges involved in the project with a view to completing the work they were unable to deliver in the 19/20 summer term in the 20/21 autumn term i.e. starting in September 2020. These have now completed.