Greater Manchester i-THRIVE and young people

What is THRIVE?

The Greater Manchester i-THRIVE (GM i-THRIVE) programme seeks to improve mental health outcomes for the children and young people of Greater Manchester, by using the  THRIVE Framework for system change (Wolpert et al 2019)

The THRIVE Framework for system change enables system transformation that supports the redesign of Greater Manchester’s children and young people’s mental health services. THRIVE supports services to become accessible, responsive to current need, and flexible. The framework moves away from the restrictive tiered model of mental health care. In its most basic form THRIVE is a shared language and a mindset change rather than a tangible intervention.

The ‘i’ in i-THRIVE stands for implementing, and that’s what our programme team seek to do; implement THRIVE across the whole of Greater Manchester and have the whole mental health system working in a thrive-like way.

Working with the Greater Manchester workforce, children, young people and families, and all other stakeholders, we aim to improve mental health support and provision across Greater Manchester.

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Watch our presentation on Implementing the THRIVE Framework across a whole system

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Download the THRIVE Framework for system change (Wolpert et al 2019)

How does it help children, young people and families?

The THRIVE Framework emphasizes the value of building on individual and community strengths, and places children, young people and their families as equal partners in the delivery of support, help and care. Children, young people and their families are supported to be active decision makers in the process of choosing the right approach for them.

How is THRIVE being implemented?

Implementing THRIVE requires a shift in culture toward the whole children’s workforce sharing the same values, culture, language and practice standards. We understand that the only way to make this culture shift happen, is to include all children’s services in our work. That’s why we continuously work in partnership with health, education, voluntary, Local Authority, education settings and families and communities.

Our work with the whole system is underpinned by training programmes to enable the children’s workforce to develop the core competencies they require in their role to help any child or young person. We also support local implementation via our 10 locality leads for each Greater Manchester locality who help deliver THRIVE in accordance with the specific needs and requirements of their locality. The programme team’s role is to bring the concept of the framework to life in a sustainable way.

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GM I-THRIVE Academy Training 

Training the workforce is key to bringing about the change in culture necessary to improve services via the THRIVE Framework. Our training modules are:

  • Introduction to THRIVE
  • Getting advice and signposting
  • Ending treatment
  • Risk support/AMBIT
  • Developing a shared understanding

These modules are all currently being developed. When training dates become available we will notify members of our Community of Practice. Be sure to join our Community of Practice here:

Case studies 

The easiest way to understand THRIVE is to see it being used in practice. Take a look at our case studies to see how different areas have implemented THRIVE.

You can access the full range of GM case studies in the resource section or find national i-THRIVE case studies on the i-THRIVE website


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