Kooth is an online counselling and emotional well-being platform. Children and young adults aged 10 to 18 have already benefited from being able to access the Kooth.com service, which has been extended and is now accessible for those aged 10 to 25.

Kooth provides:

  • Live chat function for a child or young person to converse with a qualified counsellor
  • Messaging function for children and young people to contact the service, these are monitored and managed by counsellors, emotional wellbeing practitioners and media workers
  • Static and live topic-focused forums; forums encourage the development of a peers supported community online
  • Online magazine containing a wealth of topic specific resources, from mental health specific topics to more general subjects
  • Crisis information, and self-help resources

Kooth is not simply a ‘support’ service, it provides effective interventions and treatment to children and young people suffering from varying mental health conditions.

Guide to Kooth for parents and carers_2

Aligning with the Thrive model, Kooth provides early help for mild, moderate and complex needs. Depending on the individual early help can range from self-help advice resources from a magazine article, to a key worker on Kooth supporting a child or young person with accessing the appropriate services to support them. It’s essential that Kooth’s service is embedded with existing local pathways to achieve early intervention and prevention success for all service users, including those who are already in the later quadrants of THRIVE.

Kooth Service Hours


The digital platform, which is available on any web-enabled, internet connected device (including laptop, smart phone, tablet) is available 24/7, 365 days a year. This includes features such as messaging the team, static forums and magazine articles.

Scheduled and ‘drop-in’ counselling sessions take place between midday-10pm, Monday-Friday and 6pm-10pm Saturday and Sunday; counselling also occurs 365 days a year. Live moderated forums will take place at various frequency the early evening, safeguarded by Kooth’s team.