Living life to the full

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Living Life To The Full is a website that offers online courses to help improve low mood, overcome stress and build confidence. This range of online courses and e-books have been designed to improve feelings and beat stress.

This self-help support is available online and can be accessed at any time. It’s free of charge if you live or work in Greater Manchester. The resources are available in 18 languages.

What topics does it cover?

LLTTF provides room for personal reflection, problem solving and looks at the impact of mental wellbeing can have on your physical wellbeing.

The modules cover topics including ‘Why do I feel so bad?’, understanding your feelings, anger management and many more.

If you are looking to improve your confidence and boost your mood, choose Living Life To The Full. There are a range of courses available. Each course offers free modules including worksheets to print off and use and linked books to read.  Greater Manchester has commissioned the following:

  • Living Life To The Full for low mood and stress
  • Reclaim Your Life for those living with long term illness
  • Enjoy Your Baby for addressing attachment and enjoying your baby in the first year of life
  • Living Life To The Full in your menopause to help you cope with the symptoms and changes that you face.

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