Oldham mental health support team

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Mental health support teams will be able to support around 40% of pupils and are integrated within 22 schools across Oldham. The teams to be in place and operational by Spring term 2021. NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group will be working alongside Oldham Council, Oldham Opportunity Area, voluntary community and social enterprise  and NHS mental health services to deliver the project.

The service promotes the early detection and prevention of mental health issues across the schools’ population by providing direct, ongoing support around mental health and wellbeing, including face-to-face support for pupils with mild to moderate mental health needs. The teams will also deliver training for school staff to help them support their pupils; to encourage good mental wellbeing and resilience across the school and provide guidance around issues such as bullying and coping with exam stress.

Unique to Oldham is the continued delivery of the Whole School Approach across every school, this project commenced in 2017 and is based around a framework, which is aligned to the Greater Manchester Children’s Charter and Mental Health in Education outcomes. The framework offers practical guidance to schools and colleges to develop knowledge and skills to promote mental health and wellbeing and prevent minor problems from escalating into more serious long-term issues.

Oldham young people’s mental health support team :: Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

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