SilverCloud programmes for parents and carers

When your child is struggling with their mental health it can feel like a challenge. Some days are good but on others, even small daily tasks seem overwhelming. Perhaps your child feels out of control, constantly worried, or like they’re carrying around a weight that no-one else can see. There’s support available.

In addition to our other digital support offers (Kooth, Qwell, Living Life To The Full and SilverCloud for adults 16yrs +) we’ve now got two new programmes available: SilverCloud’s mental health programmes for parents and carers. These are free and have already helped over 1 million people to feel better.

You can choose from these programmes for parents and carers:

Staff in schools and colleges can also access both programmes for their work with children and young people.

Both programmes are for parents and carers who are looking to support their child in dealing with worry and anxiety, while learning helpful strategies to tackle their own anxiety. Both programmes incorporates elements of CBT such as psychoeducation, relaxation and gradual exposure, with the aim of enabling children to identify their anxiety, and to apply their skills in anxiety-provoking situations.

They are available at any time of day and from any device, including a tablet or your mobile phone. You can sign up here: