Stockport Infant Parent Service

Who are we?

We’re a small team of parent-infant specialists including a clinical psychologist, a child psychotherapist and a specialist health visitor. We work with you during pregnancy, and with you and your baby/young children up until their second birthday.

What’s this service about?

We promote the importance of the first relationship a baby/child has with his/her parents and carers. We aim to help parents, carers and professionals understand some of the things that make it hard to adjust to becoming a parent and to build a relationship in the early years. We aim to support you and your child on their individual journey and to get off to the best start in life.

What help do we provide?

Many of us have ideas what it will be like to be a parent but often this is not matched by reality. Having a baby or young child can be difficult at the best of times and sometimes difficulties like a traumatic birth, depression in pregnancy and after the birth, anxiety, bereavements, events from the past or present can make it even harder.  Lots of these things (and others) can affect how you feel about your baby and yourself as a parent. Sometimes, it can feel hard to cope with a baby’s feeding, sleeping or crying.  All these problems can affect anyone, but you may feel worried about having these feelings. We can support you with:

  • building your relationship with your baby or young child,
  • understanding  what your baby/young child is communicating,
  • managing the emotions that come with being a parent, such as; guilt, low mood  and anxiety

With this support we hope that your feelings will seem more manageable, your confidence as a parent will grow, and your relationship with your child will develop from strength to strength.

How do we work with you?

We will offer an initial consultation to the professional who refers you to us (usually your health visitor or midwife) as there will be times when they will be able to support you best, perhaps with some guidance from our team. When we feel it will be helpful for you to be supported by us directly,  we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for us to meet.

We aim to really listen to you closely and understand your story, the things that are working well for you as a family as well as the things that are worrying for you or causing you concern.

We work with you together to help us to develop an understanding of your infant’s needs and the meaning of their behaviour

We develop goals together of how you would like things to be in your family and how we might work towards these goals together.

We share and explore ideas to help promote your child’s social and emotional development.

Where do we work?

We try to find a setting where you and your baby or child feel comfortable. This could be your home, a children’s centre, health clinic or a children’s social care centre. We currently offer online video consultations and telephone support too. We will discuss what will work best for you and your family when we first speak to arrange an appointment.

For more information or to seek a referral to our service please contact your Health Visitor, Midwife or G.P.