What we’re doing

  • Developing a network of supervision practitioners to deliver short training programmes across Greater Manchester to schools and colleges. The expectation is for this network to become self-sustainable post July 2021 and for its catchment to be extended outside Greater Manchester, as well as capturing other educational institutions such as schools and training providers.
  • This pilot programme is being supported by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Members of the Network will be directly commissioned to deliver and be on the BACP’s approved list of providers.  The Network will provide a home for qualified supervisors to have shared resources as well as provide relevant services via opportunities to learn.
  • Continuing the work with University of Salford with six graduates volunteering to take part. They will be matched with nine college staff and introductions commenced in February 2021.  This will run for ten months to December 2021.

Our approach

Three activities are being piloted:

  • Two-day supervision skills course supporting staff to gain the skills to support each other in their college or a partner college
  • Initial two-day supervision course followed by an additional two day course supporting staff to gain the skills to give and receive peer supervision.
  • Experienced counsellors who are undertaking clinical supervision training at the University of Salford matched with a member of staff to offer supervision to pastoral and student support staff.

The training is one of the best courses I’ve completed since being in this new pastoral role. It’s given me some great tools to work with students, particularly around boundaries

Next steps

  • Going forward this will be a ‘paid for’ offer for schools and colleges and BACP will continue to provide a network for the trainers to maintain support for the work.
  • The evaluation results and key learning will be shared across all colleges in the Greater Manchester area (possibly beyond) in order to give colleges information to help in planning future supervision support for staff with pastoral and student support roles.

Download our interim report Supervision pilot project Interim report