Talking to a health professional about your mental health

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Sometimes, you might need to talk to a health professional about how you are feeling or about someone you are caring for. This can be incredibly daunting, but it is important to remember that health professionals are here to support the physical and mental health needs related to the perinatal period. Health professionals are there to listen to your concerns about your mental health, offer support and advice and possibly make recommendations about accessing other services.

Sometimes it can be helpful to write down your thoughts about your mental health, or questions prior to attending an appointment with a health professional or take someone with you to give you support. A useful resource is the Boots wellbeing plan Wellbeing | Tommy’s ( which can help you think about your mental wellbeing to prepare for a consultation or health professional review.

The health professionals that you can speak to about your mental health in the perinatal period include:

  • Your midwife
  • Your health visitor
  • Your GP

Pre Conception Care: If you are planning a pregnancy and require some support to think about how your mental health might be affected, please contact your GP or telephone the Perinatal Help line (Greater Manchester residents) T: 0161 271 0188

 Antenatal care: In the UK, every pregnant woman/ birthing person can access maternity care during their pregnancy journey. You can organise this either through the maternity hospital directly or at your GP Surgery.

There are options to consider for where you may wish to receive this care. Please visit for information about Greater Manchester maternity units.

It’s important to organise this as soon as you have confirmed that you are pregnant (a positive home pregnancy test is considered adequate confirmation).  Home – As Soon As you’re Pregnant (

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