Tameside and Glossop Early Attachment Service

We work with you during pregnancy, and with you and your babies and young children up until their fifth birthday.

What’s this service about? We promote the importance of the first relationship a baby/child has with his/her parents.

Who do we see? We can support you with building your relationship with your baby or young child. Lots of things can affect how you feel about your baby and yourself. Having a baby or young child can be difficult at the best of times.  Sometimes, it can feel hard to cope with a baby’s feeding, sleeping or crying. Sometimes problems like depression in pregnancy, or after birth, a traumatic birth, mental health problems, events from the past or present, can affect how you feel about your baby, and you may feel worried about some of the feelings you have.  All these problems can affect anyone.

We’re there to provide extra support to you and your baby or child so that your relationship is a strong foundation for your future lives.

Where do we work? We try to find a setting where you and your baby or child feel comfortable. This could be your home, a children’s centre, health clinic or a children’s social care centre.

What do we offer? We will try to offer you an appointment within two weeks of the referral being made. You’ll have a number of appointments with one of the clinicians, to talk through your problems and concerns, and we’ll work out together what sort of help will be most appropriate for you and your baby/child.

Email: pcn-tr.eas@nhs.net

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