Trafford Infant Parent Service

In Trafford, our work for some years has been to look after the social and emotional development of little ones through their first important relationships with parents and carers.   We work closely with Trafford Health Visitors and other teams helping you along in pregnancy and through the early years to support your well-being.

Why we offer help

Becoming a parent and having a new baby can be really challenging for everyone and at times it can be difficult to cope with things like settling baby or struggling to feel you are the parent you want to be.  We know it is important at these times to have help as soon as possible so that you can get your relationship off to a good start.  Problems like depression and worry can really get in the way of families making progress.  We know that emotional health of parent and baby is so important for future family well-being and for infants being ready to start school.

Who we see

We can meet with you and your baby from pregnancy at stages through to 3rd birthday, and we are beginning to develop our service further to help parents, carers and young children aged between 3 and 5 years.  We support other people who help you and your preschool aged child. We can see families in our own clinic in Sale, we can visit families at home and we can meet in children centres.  We will meet with you to work out what will be most helpful to you at this time.

You can contact us via Trafford CAMHS t: 0161 716 4747