Angie’s Story

Angie says that the Roots To Wellbeing programme run by Groundwork helped save her life

When Angie’s husband died after a short illness, she was understandably devastated. She took some time off from her job to grieve and to look after her children. The days and weeks that passed by did little to ease Angie’s depression and feeling of hopelessness. She became more and more isolated from her friends and wider family. Angie says that the Roots To Wellbeing programme run by Groundwork helped save her life.

I’ve found that I have a vigour for life again. I’d recommend this course to anyone who is going through a hard time. Roots To Wellbeing helped me to find myself again.  It helped me to gain strength from everything I’ve gone through. It has also given me the belief that I can help other people.

Roots to well-being is operated by Groundwork in Wigan. It’s a ten week team based part-time personal development programme aimed at building confidence and self-esteem. It also aims to provide opportunities for people to work in a team, have fun together, learn about the five ways to well-being and experience the benefits of being connected and valued.  The programme attracts individuals who are unemployed or economically inactive. People are either referred to the programme or can self-refer, often following positive endorsements from previous participants. The programme aims to be very person centred, build resilience and create realistic ambition as part of the progression target. Many individuals go onto volunteer in the community and most importantly feel valued, after in many cases, numerous years of unemployment and isolation