Children and young people’s mental health service access and waiting times at Sept 2019

The most recent figures show that Greater Manchester continues to perform above the NHS England target for access to services.

Publication date 02/01/2020

In December 2018 Greater Manchester became the first place in the country to start collating and publishing publicly waiting times data for children and young people’s mental health services and we have committed to providing quarterly updates on the Greater Manchester waiting time position.
Greater Manchester available figures at September 2019 show:

  • The average wait across Greater Manchester for a first appointment is 6.85 weeks
  • Average wait across Greater Manchester for a second appointment is 13.06 weeks
  • Average wait across Greater Manchester for a third appointment once accepted into treatment is 5.32 weeks
  • 2 of 3 appointment waiting times areas for Greater Manchester have improved from 2018/19 figures, with only third appointment measure marginally increasing

We recognise that although we are increasing access far more than when compared nationally that there is still more to do. Improving access is underpinned by the timeliness it takes to receive support and treatment. Across Greater Manchester localities we there are different challenges to this. Therefore, we are continuing support to reduce variation and have established improving waiting times pilots focusing on practices and techniques to support improvement. As we learn we will share this to drive improving access and waiting times across Greater Manchester. Read the full report CYP Mental Health Access Waiting Times update at Sept 19 final. docx

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