Culturally Appropriate Mental Health Support

Greater Manchester establishes unique and innovative fund to tackle health inequalities marginalised ethnic communities face when seeking support from mental health services

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership has established a unique and innovative fund, which aims to address health inequalities faced by marginalised ethnic communities when trying to get help from mental health services.

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership recognises the crucial role that community-led providers play in removing barriers to care, given the disparate experiences and outcomes that some communities face when accessing services. This fund has been set up to work with VCSE providers to create long-lasting change.

We want to support organisations that operate within and by the communities they provide for. Applications are encouraged from user-led community organisations across Greater Manchester that experience racial inequalities. Applying organisations must be non-profit bodies with a formal constitution but are not required to be a registered charity.

Funding is available for projects providing early interventions to stop or prevent the development of severe mental illness. Funds are also available for activity supporting people living with severe mental illness, enabling them to move from secondary to primary care (mental health trusts to GP’s). The key is demonstrating that your work reduces health inequalities around access, experience, or outcome.

In 2022/23 there is £750,000 available funding, to be distributed as one-off innovation grants of up to £10,000. Substantial core investments of up to £200,000 will support large scale projects and partnerships. Initially a one-year fund, the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership  hopes that by showing the funds effectiveness, investment will continue into consecutive years.

To ensure engagement with a range of communities, the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership is initially asking for short expressions of interest. Please see below for details.

EOI Culturally Appropriate Fund Returns Form

Culturally Appropriate Mental Health Services Fund Specification

Culturally Appropriate Mental Health Services flyer

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