Free Connect 5 training

Connect 5 is a mental health promotion training programme that is designed to increase the confidence and skills of front-line staff about mental health and wellbeing.

This free training is open to anyone interested in changing the way they have mental wellbeing conversations. They aim to:

  • Help you better understand how to improve your own mental wellbeing and that of others
  • Increase your skills and confidence to have everyday conversations about mental wellbeing
  • Increase your knowledge in signposting to available support

There will be three, one-off online training events. While participants do not need to attend all three modules, best outcomes have been reported from those who have attended all three in sequence.

  • Module 1. Brief mental health and wellbeing advice. This module aims to raise awareness of how you can support mental health and wellbeing within your everyday practice. The intended outcome of module 1 is to change the way we have mental wellbeing conversations so that we are confident and skilled to have brief conversations in which we help a person think about ways they can take action to improve their mental
  • Module 2. Brief mental health and wellbeing intervention. This module aims to develop your skills and confidence to recognise mental health and wellbeing needs and to make effective interventions to improve mental health and wellbeing.
  • Module 3. Extended mental health and wellbeing intervention. This module aims to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to use a range of strategies and interventions, which effectively support people to take positive steps to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Connect 5 module descriptions

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