Global Perinatal Positivity Pot

In Greater Manchester we want to do all we can to help all parents to have a positive experience of pregnancy, birth and the early days of being a parent.

May 5th 2021

In Greater Manchester we celebrate the rich diversity of our city. We want to ensure that our whole community is able to access support with their maternal mental health which is culturally sensitive to them

There are higher rates of anxiety and depression in some ethnic groups such as Black and Asian families and these families are also found to be less likely to seek mental health support  (Sources: the motherhood group and the Roshni 2 project)

Migrant Asylum seeking and Refugee mums are at least twice as likely to develop post -natal depression than Non-migrant mums yet often struggle to access mental health care  (Source: The health programme for the European union  2017)

Lesbian and Bi sexual mums and co- parents commonly experience prejudice and discrimination from health care staff whilst pregnant (Source: LGBT foundation)

We are committed to learn about all families to help every parent feel understood and supported

Download our leaflet Global Perinatal Positivity Pot

We’ve developed a page for parents and carers with information on services available and how to get support