GM i-THRIVE: Arts, Culture and Mental Health Month

In July we’re aiming to help Greater Manchester to see how arts and culture can offer valuable mental health support. #GMMAKING

July 2nd 2020

The Arts, Culture & Mental Health Programme is a branch of the GM i-THRIVE Programme, focusing how arts and cultural activities can help young people to thrive, in addition to how they can be used as effective, evidence-based mental health interventions. We’re breaking new ground with this programme, working with arts partners, children and young people, GM localities and all agency workforces to implement and evaluate arts programmes, and understand how these can be part of the GM THRIVE offer. You can find out more here 

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  • Has your CAMHS team used an arts-based intervention? We want to know
  • Share your work – show us the art you’ve created which has helped support your mental health
  • Link us up with any resources that support arts culture and mental health

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