Greater Manchester universities mental health service

March 5th 2020

The sector leading Greater Manchester universities student mental health service provides expert support for students who have complex health needs. It gives them timely access to professional help for conditions including psychosis, depression, personality disorders and eating disorders. It aims to:

  • Meet the increasing mental health needs of university students
  • Prevent them “falling between the cracks” of university and NHS services at a time when they are often away from the support they may get at home.

Greater Manchester is home to around 100,000 university students – the largest number of any city region in England. Students say that it can be difficult to access NHS mental health services when they’re away from home. This can be due a variety of reasons including:

  • not being registered with a GP practice
  • not knowing where to ask for help.
  • they’ve waited for an appointment which now falls during a holiday period
  • they’ve moved address during or before treatment.

“Leaving home to go to University is a hugely exciting time for young people. Most make the transition without needing mental health support but some students need help with the stresses and strains of academic life. The Greater Manchester Universities Mental Health Service plays a vitally important role in supporting young people who may be struggling and helping them to reach their ambitions”. Tim McDougal, Deputy Director of Nursing and Governance at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust:

The service is provided by Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust from a main clinic in the heart of the Oxford Road campus and satellite locations in Salford and Bolton.