Greater Manchester Resilience Hub

Putting on a brave face? Communications toolkit

The Greater Manchester Resilience Hub’s staff wellbeing service has supported health and care staff in Greater Manchester since the start of the covid pandemic in 2020. The service offers confidential, emotional and wellbeing support related to work-related stress, anxiety, covid-related concerns, fatigue or exhaustion, relationships difficulties, and mental health concerns.

The ‘Putting on a brave face?’ campaign features stories and experiences of nine real health and care staff working in Greater Manchester who have received support for their mental health.

These relatable stories aim to encourage conversations about mental health, reduce the stigma of seeking help, raise awareness of the staff wellbeing service and prompt those who need support to contact the Hub.

Putting on a brave face communications toolkit_June 2023

Graphic promoting the Greater Manchester Resilience Hub with a photo of a woman holding an iPad before her face - her face is on the iPad screen