Looking after you and yours

Taking care of you is not selfish. It is self-care. What can you do today which is just for you?

May 6th 2021

Being a Mother can sometimes mean that we spend all our time thinking about the other. Mother starts with an M, then there is other. The M needs to stand for Me. All mums need to look after their Me first so that they can look after the other.

Looking after your baby or your toddler can be exhausting and leave little or no time for looking after you. No one can run on an empty battery – we all need time and help to recharge.

Think about everything you and your body have been through on your journey to motherhood- it’s a lot to ask of anyone.  Take yourself seriously and give yourself a break!

When a mum struggles with her mental health the whole family can be affected. This isn’t her fault; it’s no one’s fault – it’s just what happens. Dads and co parents can also struggle with their own mental health around the time of having a baby.

Looking after the whole family is important so in Greater Manchester support is available for the whole family including dads and co- parents.

Download our leaflet for more information on where to get support: Looking After You and Yours

You can also visit our page for parents and carers with information on services available and how to get support