New Autism & Suicide Awareness Training

NHS Greater Manchester have provided funding to Zero Suicide Alliance to create Autism and Suicide Awareness Training.

The training was launched during World Autism Acceptance Week (April 2024)

Co-produced with people from the autistic community, the Autism and Suicide Awareness Training aims to:

  • Share information about autism and suicide risk
  • Share real experiences
  • Coach you through spotting the signs and supporting an autistic person with four different scenarios (you can choose which ones you want to complete)
  • Share resources for further support

Who it’s for
This course has been developed for anyone to take the training, but we particularly recommend you take the training if you are part of the autistic community or work with autistic people.

This course is recommended for people aged 16 or over.

What the training covers Our hope is that through the training you will:

  • Understand more about some of the challenges autistic people may face and how these can contribute to suicidal thoughts
  • Be coached through four bespoke scenarios (you can choose how many you complete) to share how you can support someone
  • Know more about available support and resources
  • Receive a certificate on completion

How long the training takes

The training can be taken at your own pace but could take up to an hour to complete.

Autism and Suicide Awareness Training :: Zero Suicide Alliance

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