New Your baby and You booklet now available

The Greater Manchester Perinatal and Parent Infant Mental Health programme are delighted to announce the release of this new booklet

The Tameside and Glossop Booklet, Getting it right from the start has been refreshed.  With generous input from families and colleagues across Greater Manchester, the booklet and film resources are now contemporary, including two new topics: parental mental health and reflective functioning (which we call baby mindfulness).

The team would like to thank the families, and Catherine Mee and Laura Brodetsky from Tameside and Glossop, who together helped create this wonderful new parent infant resource.

Each borough is receiving 1000 printed copies, and Pennine NHS Foundation Trust is hosting the new films on their website.  For the new films the team asked families to film themselves, with the aim of making people feel more connected to the content.  The films offer a different perspective from the original Getting it Right from the Start YouTube films, which are still available to view.

To view new films:

Getting it right from the start films:

If you would like to order more copies of the booklet for your borough, please email Tameside and Glossop Early Attachment Service for more information:

The team plan to hold a launch of all the perinatal and parent infant resources Greater Manchester has developed in the spring/summer of this year.

We hope you enjoy watching and looking at the resources, and that they will be enjoyable for many families.