Sait’s story

A 21 year old man has spoken about how, with support from a range of organisations working in partnership, he has managed to turn his life around.

Sait is 21 and originally from Wirral. After an argument with his family left him homeless, he was forced to sleep on friends’ sofas and ended up in Wigan. Sait soon began to run out of places to stay as offers of help began to dry up.

I was left out in the streets. I felt like I had no-one, nowhere to go, no family, no friends and no future. I thought it was the end of my life. Sait

In desperation, Sait approached Wigan Council for help. They were able to arrange emergency accommodation for him. A network of organisations then began working together to provide the support Sait needed to get his life back on track.

Sait had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, which he was managing through medication. But the trauma of being homeless was causing him huge anxiety and he stopped taking his medication. Greater Manchester’s Mental Health Team provided urgent support and also arranged regular counselling. Riverside Housing worked with Sait to arrange accommodation suited to Sait’s needs. Once he had his own tenancy, Groundwork applied for funding from Greater Manchester Mental health led Delayed transfer of care budget for things like a fridge, cooker and window blinds.

Suddenly everything changed. I realized that there were people who were there to help me. Sait

This amazing upturn in Sait’s life soon got even better. Whilst staying at the homeless hostel, Sait, being very polite and courteous by nature, used to say hello each day to the security staff who looked after the site. This got to the point where he would often stop and chat to them. Sait began to develop a real interest in the work they did. One day whilst chatting, one of the guards introduced Sait to the owner of the security company, Darren Pendleton. Darren was really impressed by Sait’s manners and demeanour, as well as his obvious interest in security. Over the coming weeks Darren began to have regular chats with Sait.

Sait had something about him. He was honest, he was polite and he was interested in what other people had to say. It was clear that Sait wanted to do something with his life. I decided to do what I could to help him. Darren Pendleton

Darren’s company, CPS Security agreed to sponsor Sait to undertake the SIA qualification he needed to pursue a career in security. They paid for his course and his travel. With Darren as his mentor, Sait passed his security exams, achieving a high pass mark. This led to Sait being offered a job by CPS Security, where he has since thrived.

Sait is a great example of how organisations from the public, voluntary and third sector in Wigan can work together to find the best possible support and solution for each individual. Colin Greenhalgh, Groundwork Director of Employment and Skills

Sait’s amazing journey doesn’t end there. He has since gone on to repair his relationship with his family, flying out to Germany to meet up with his grandparents.

I feel blessed to have received such amazing support. I’ve gone from being jobless and homeless to having a full-time job I enjoy. I feel like a proper responsible adult now. I have my own accommodation and pay all my own bills. I’m really proud of myself and hope that my story can inspire other people who are in a difficult situation to never give up. Sait

He is currently learning to drive and has also managed to save enough money to put down a deposit to buy his own 2 bedroomed apartment.

When organisations work together with a developmental approach and that individual is central to decision making, it is possible to create belonging, safety and for that individual to feel valued and cared about, all of which are absolutely crucial to build resilience. This story of Sait’s development and support proves it’s possible!

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