The Mental Health Toolkit for Employers has been refreshed for Mental Health Awareness Week

It helps employers make important changes in their workplace and shares practice of employers in Greater Manchester addressing mental health in the workplace.

Last year the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter partnered with The Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership and created a mental health toolkit for employers. The toolkit is an essential resource for both SMEs and larger firms. It offers relevant and direct ways for employers to address mental health in the workplace.

The toolkit provides support in:

  • Making a commitment to tackling mental health
  • Building your approach, from a legal and policy standpoint
  • Introducing a positive culture for mental health
  • Mental health support and training
  • Managing mental health and organizational changes
  • Providing the right support and adjustments
  • Helping people recover
  • Going further and creating lasting change

Access the toolkit today and start a conversation about wellbeing: #MHAW22