Year 3 Greater Manchester Mental Wellbeing Grants Launched

GMCVO have launched the third year of a grants programme to support people from communities of identity or experience, based in Greater Manchester (including Glossop), that may struggle to achieve high levels of mental wellbeing.

Following the success of years 1 and 2 of the programme, a third year has been agreed which will build on the lessons learned and successful projects from previous years.

We recognise that faith-based organisations*, as well as the religious activities they conduct, are often engaged in wider community support and welfare activities. In the previous two years of the grants programme faith-based organisations were underrepresented. For this reason, the first round of this year’s programme is just for faith organisations. A second round open to all small, grassroots VCSE organisations is also now open. The communities we want to reach in year 3 are:

  • Carers
  • People from BAME communities**
  • People living with long term physical or mental health conditions
  • People who identify as LGBTQ+
  • Disabled people
  • Military veterans
  • People who are unemployed
  • Socially isolated older people

Funded by Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, year 3 grants will be awarded between April and September 2022.

To find out more about the grants programme, and to apply for a faith micro grant, please click here.

* A faith/faith-based organisation is one whose primary function is the delivery of religious activity.

* * Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic: anyone in the UK who does not identify as White British.
GMCVO uses the BAME abbreviation as we believe it is widely understood, but we acknowledge many feel this term is inadequate and limiting. We are therefore currently reviewing of our use of the term. Our principle is to refer to individuals, organisations or networks by the terminology they themselves prefer.