Free Bereavement Awareness webinar training

Child Bereavement UK has been funded to offer these sessions to educationalists across Greater Manchester

August 27th 2020

Child Bereavement UK  can offer webinars specific to Nursery/pre-school; Primary School; Senior School or FE/HE.

The webinars are approximately 90 minutes long including time for questions, and a follow-up e-pack of resources will be delivered to participants. Each session can accommodate up to 100 participants.

Many staff and students are anxious about the anticipated return to school/college, which will inevitably include bereaved students (and staff) so these sessions will address theoretical understanding of bereavement and loss issues as well as practical guidance and advice.

Developing resilience in young people, and staff self-care, will also be addressed. For more details and to book a webinar please contact or call her on 07867306578.

Child Bereavement UK help children and young people (up to age 25), parents, and families, to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies. We also provide training to professionals, equipping them to provide the best possible care to bereaved families.

Find out more about the  Greater Manchester Bereavement Service and the  Greater Manchester Suicide Bereavement Information Service.